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ISBN: 9780982097267
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Get ready for Sgt. Ray and his endearingly diverse campers in this new character building series for children 3-7 debuting on July 4th, 2013. The lively stories help young children learn about important character building qualities such as honesty, teamwork, and being a good citizen. Sgt. Ray is a stern but lovable retired army sergeant who is assisted by his lab, Lt. London, also retired military! He is strict but fair, and along the way the kids get into lots of mischief but they also learn to stand straighter and take pride in themselves as they meet goals and learn from their mistakes.

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Sunday, August 6th Carol Casey was a visiting author at the Creme de la Creme preschool in Norcross, GA.  Earlier this month she was the visiting author at locations in Sugarloaf, GA and Alpharetta, GA and led storytimes for kids 2-9.
We greatly enjoyed our visit to Joint Base Lewis McChord. We honored an expectant mom for being a shining inspiration for early literacy and had a wonderful storytime at the Book Patch library. Many thanks to the library staff who helped make this visit so enjoyable. Click here for an article in the base newspaper and pictures!
Dear Baby, It's a Colorful World has been named a finalist in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards for best Children's picture book in 2010!  Collapse Details
Yay for another independent bookstore opening its doors in the Atlanta area! Check out Peerless Book Store at 8465 Holcomb Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA 30022. 770-650-READ ( 7323). Carol Casey will be at the bookstore doing a fun and interactive storytime in the near future. Check back later for details.

Congratulations to the five winners of Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You at the Grandparents.com review and contest. The winners came from Ontario, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Florida!

This wonderful picture was sent in by photographer Alexandria Wilcox, the wife of a marine who is on deployment. See her letter in the review section.

A special thank you to all the people in Albany, GA who stopped by my booksigning at the Marine MCX on December 11 after seeing this piece on WALB-TV

I loved hearing the stories of your families and how they have served!  Enjoy the books!

Oceana Naval Station in Viginia Beach and Norfolk Naval Base were the first stops on the tour. Click here for a list of tour dates for this first round of stops. Bases continue to be added and if you are an Armed Forces base that would like a Storytime and PX signing visit, please contact Kate Bandos kate@ksbpromotions.com. We are so excited to bring this moving and beautifully illustrated story to our troops and families!

Norfolk Naval Base - Enjoyed meeting three sweet girls Barbie, Angel, and Grace shown here with their parents, the Rosenbaums and the Johnsons


Oceana Naval Base

Check out Dear Baby Books author Carol Casey and illustrator Jason on the NBC TV 6 Miami show South Florida Today!

Many thanks to the parents and kids who came out to see us at our book events. Special thanks to Daisy Alvarez at Border's in Boca Raton and to Alex Gonzalez at Books and Books in Bal Harbour. Thank you also to Jason and his wife Kerri's south Florida friends and family!

Dear Baby Books was proud to participate in a wonderful Baby Expo in Chicago. Our books were in 100 swag bags given to the first 50 moms each day at this Bebe Paluzza Extravaganza. We were on site at the Indianapolis event last fall and it is a truly wonderful opportunity to see the latest paraphernalia for babies and toddlers. Lots of fun little perks for the Moms. The expo was at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL July 31-August 1, 2010. Click here for more info!

A Dear Baby book makes its way into photo shoot on People.com and Parenting Magazine
Dear Baby, What I love about you! was on the People Magazine website as part of a story about the nursery designed for actor Joey Lawrence and his wife by Natalie Klein of hotmomsclub.com.

Lots of fun at the the NY launch of It's a Colorful World! Congrats to Boulevard Books and Cafe Owner Tatiana Nicoli. Her new store is beautiful and the community came out strongly to support having a bookstore in the neighborhood. So many nice families and kids. Click here for more on our visit.

Check out this new interview with author Carol Casey on writing and publishing at Imagination Cafe.

Carol Casey was the storytime author for a Kidzfest at Belk's Department Store in September at The Forum in Norcross, GA. Click here for details.

Mother's Day Weekend Event for Book & Art Lovers - The Barefoot in the Park Festival in Duluth, GA

Thank you to Carla Wilson at the Forum Barnes and Noble in Norcross GA for her expert leadership at the Barefoot in the Park event last week in Duluth. We loved reading & signing our books to the great family crowd at the beautiful Town Green in Duluth

We have new signings taking place. Check back soon for dates.. We are loving being on the road for Dear Baby, Let's Dance on our Read and Dance Tour!

Email carol@dearbabybooks.com if you are interested in scheduling a booksigning or author visit.

Dear Baby, What I love about you! was a featured Valentine's gift for tiny tots on www.workingmother.com.

Carol Casey was featured in a Daily Candy Article on Reading to Babies and Toddlers.  Click here for a link to the article.

Carol was interviewed on the High Velocity Blog Radio Show by Stone Payton. Click here for a link.

Dear Baby, What I love about you! has been put as a recommended title on www.buybooksfortheholidays.com

The Dear Baby Mailbox
Dear Carol,
I wanted to write you a note of thanks as a new parent.  My daughter Jessica was born in April and Dear Baby, What I love about you! is the very first book I read to her. She's now 7 mos old, and we read it together every night before bed.  She still laughs with delight as we read the words that she has grown to know so well.  It's a great comfort to her after an often busy day.  And it's a wonderful time for me to treasure our quiet time together.  So I thank you for writing such an adorable book.  As an avid reader I hope to instill in her the same love for books that I've had throughout my life.  I think this book will help pave the way~
Diane M. Yonkers, NY
p.s.  we are delighted to learn that Dear Baby, Let's Dance!  will be coming next year!

Celebrity Notes
We've received personal notes from the Jewels and Pinstripe Celebrity Gifting Program.  Sarah Chalke, the talented star of the TV show Scrubs and Christina Milian, popular recording star and dancer both sent sweet notes about Dear Baby, What I love about you! which was included in their gift baskets.

We love hearing from you! 

It was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful librarians at the Texas Library Conference in Houston!  We gave librarians a preview of our new character building series coming out this fall, Bootcamp Babysitter, and signed copies of I'm Watching Over You and It's a Colorful World.  Thank you to our distributor IPG www.ipgbook.com for hosting the signing.

(left to right) Kim Hart, Missy Parham, Carol Casey,
Autumn Parham, Toya Peters
Texas Library Conference April 2012
A memorable moment: One of the librarians in line had two young relatives with parents in the armed forces and she was trying to decide who to gift her copy of I'm Watching Over You.  The person behind her graciously offered to give up her book so that she could give both.  I left a signed book for this generous librarian at the IPG booth.  I hope she stopped by and picked it up!
The winner of our door prize is Sally Shelton at the O.C. Taylor Elementary School in Colleyville, TX! Sally will be receiving additional Dear Baby Books for her library!

Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You

Uplifting picture book for kids in military families
Hard cover with jacket. $16.95
ISBN: 9780982097236

Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You is a tender story that helps children in military families understand why their parent chooses to serve our country and reassures that time and distance can't break the bonds between parent and child. Click here for the full press release

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"Casey's workmanlike rhymes are unwavering in their patriotism ('Making the world a safer place/ is my way of watching over you'), but also make clear the sacrifice inherent in service ('There's so much about you I've had to miss')....An image of a soldier beside a tank kissing the envelope that contains his daughter's letter is worth the price of the entire book."
Publishers Weekly
"This book is a must-have for all military families! "
"..Do I even have to tell you how much I love this book? This book is a book that all military children need. Lovely, lovely, lovely!"
"Dear Baby I'm Watching Over You is a welcome aid to spouses and parents who need to care for children of absent parents, to help explain why mommy or daddy are gone so far away for so long a time. "
"Sensitive and clear, this book will help the children of parents in the U.S. Armed Forces."
"A sweet book with a huge message...We predict it will be read over and over again to military children giving them a better understanding that their parents are truly watching over not only them but all of us, making the world a safer place."
Ann Crawford, Publisher and Founder of Military Living Publications
"Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You reassures children in military families how a parent away on deployment or training still stays connected every day through a series of small and loving moments.  It also helps them understand why a parent chooses to serve and that protecting our country is one way they are always watching over them."
Association of the United States Army, www.ausa.org
"My husband has been gone a little over a year and in that time we had a son born in April, now he is 5 months old. I always tell him that Daddy is keeping him safe and is watching over us. And now I get to read it every night until Daddy returns safe and sound! Thank you for an extraordinary book."
Alexandria W., wife of a deployed Marine
"Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You was developed for military families, but it's a book that is suitable for any child's bookshelf. I highly recommend this book for every child, classroom, and library!"
Barb Webb, Country Bookshelf
Click here for the full review
Click here for more reviews of
Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You
Dear Baby, It's a Colorful World

9" by 9  3/4" hard cover
picture book with jacket. $14.95
ISBN: 9780982097229

Get ready to jump into Dear Baby, It's a Colorful World. Follow the frog into bold and blazing red, sunny yellow, bouncy orange, serene green, and more! The world is filled with dazzling colors just waiting to be discovered in this multicultural picturebook that sends toddlers on adventures to learn the names and moods of colors.

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Check out a preview of our new book app for Dear Baby Its a Colorful World! Lots of fun. Lots of learning. Coming soon!

“Many books have been written to reinforce young children's development of color identification skills, including Leo Lionni's A Color of His Own, Lois Ehler's Color Zoo, and Sam Lloyd's What Color Is Your Underwear?. This addition to the genre by Casey and Oransky is one of the best.
Children’s Literature
Dear Baby, It's A Colorful World" is a multi-hued preschool child's book of colors that also teaches acceptance and celebration of the rainbow of human ethnicity, or racial diversity. Third in the "Dear Baby" series, "It's A Colorful World" uses color-matched illustrations and rhyming text to introduce common items to demonstrate several basic colors, including red, yellow, blue, pink, brown, white. purple, orange, and green. In addition, the many hues of human skin tones are suggested, part of "the color of ME!" A friendly green frog acts as guide through rainbow pages, and even an alternative color-free world of shades of gray is portrayed for contrast. "Dear Baby, It's A Colorful World" is an excellent color primer for children ages 2-6 with an inclusive message for all.
Children will enjoy this colorful book, with smiling flowers and happy multicultural children, while learning a subtle lesson about the beauty of diversity..
Carol Casey has written another joyful gem in this third book of her Dear Baby series. Illustrator Jason Oransky delivers page after page of vibrant illustrations to bring the words to life. The result is a story which helps children develop their critical eye for observing and appreciating their surrounding world.
Click here for a new review at Metro Mama calling Colorful World ...a joyful invitation to introduce your toddler to a positive understanding of the significance of diversity in appearance and culture.

Hi Carol,
I met you at the Jr. League Journey to Literacy a few weeks ago. You gave me the pages for your new book about colors. That week, I read the book to my 4 year old speech therapy students who are working on language development. They loved the book. After I read a page, I asked them what color I was reading about. They loved calling out the color! It was great because these special needs students could see the color and also had just heard me say it. They loved getting the answers correct. The next day, when I mentioned reading a book, they said "color book". Thank you for what you are doing for children. We educators appreciate you,
Susan Byars
Preschool Speech Pathologist, Atlanta

Full of bright colors, familiar shapes, and fun pictures....I like my children's books to rhyme and this one does a perfect job.
Dear Baby, It's a Colorful World is an excellent reader for helping young ones learn the color palette.  While teaching the color palette, this book also helps children bolstering their self-image and self-esteem, and helps them to gain appreciation for people of all "colors. Click here for full review from Barb Webb at countrybookshelf.blogspot.com..
Dear Baby, Let's Dance!

9" by 9  3/4" hard cover
picture book with jacket. $14.95
ISBN: 9780982097212

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Step into the blazing bright colors and lively rhymes of Dear Baby, Let's Dance!

There's a recent study just out on how much babies love dancing.  Click here for details.  We could have told you that!  We are having a blast out on the roading this book to little ones!.
In keeping with the theme of rhyming verse and bold bright colors, Dear Baby, Let's Dance! is captivating to both eye and ear... Click here to read the full review
"A new children’s book with a joyous message for little ones: Dancing is fun!"
"A spirited book, full of joie de vivre and fun."
Dear Baby Let's Dance was featured on Suite101.com in an article by Michael Jung featuring great read aloud books for young children. Click here for more info.
Dear Baby, What I love about you!

5 1/2" by 5 1/2" on white
artboard with glossy
laminated pages. $6.99
ISBN: 9780982097205

The perfect gift for your your favorite little one. This colorful love letter lets babies and toddlers know why they are so irresistibly lovable to us. Make sure you sign the baby yearbook page after reading it together so that when Baby grows up he or she knows how much they were treasured as a tiny tot.
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"Uplifting, Tender, Charming, Vibrant, Catchy, and Fun"
That's what Reviewers are calling
Dear Baby, What I love about you!

Here's what recent book review bloggers & Mom blogs are saying:

* Northern Mama - "Dear Baby What I Love about you by Carol Casey is a book which charms, captivates, and delights! With bold bright illustrations by Jason Oransky and beautifully crafted rhyming diction by Casey this is a baby book that even my older children are aware is better than the ordinary!"... read full review here >>

* Mommy Reviewed: Children's Book Nook - Dear Baby, What I Love About You!
* CurledUpKids.com
* The IE Mommy
* Girlfriendz Design
* A Few More Pages
* Blogger News Network

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Dear Baby Books in the News!
Bebe Paluzza/Indy Baby Expo Founder Jenn Kampmeier was interviewed on an Indianapolis Fox Station.  A copy of Dear Baby, What I love about you! is shown throughout most of the interview as one of the swag bag gifts to early arrivers at the Expo.
Dear Baby Books is featured in a Neighbor Newspaper story on the launch of our boutique press.
When Alpharetta resident Carol Casey could not find a book to read to her granddaughter that expressed her feelings, she began writing her own. In January, Ms. Casey and her husband John launched … more
By Rachel Kellogg, NeighborNewspapers.com
Author Interview on Book Bites for Kids
Dear Baby Books author Carol Casey appeared live on the blog talk radio show Book Bites hosted by Suzanne Lieurance.

Click above to listen to the interview which includes info for aspiring writers, the back story behind Dear Baby, What I love about you! and news about upcoming books!
For more information on Suzanne's Writing for Children Center follow this link.

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