Praise for Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You


“This is a sweet book with a huge message for the children of our military serving in harm's way. It touched my heart. “The book provides a way to explain to the youngsters back home that their absent parent is thinking of them and sending them love. More than that, it connects the children with their parents in several ways....we predict it will be read over and over again to military children giving them a better understanding that their parents are truly watching over not only them but all of us, making the world a safer place. “I cannot think of a better Christmas or holiday gift for military families on the home front who are missing their loved ones this very special season."

~ Ann Caddell Crawford,
Founder and Publisher Military Living Publications

Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You reassures children in military families how a parent away on deployment or training still stays connected every day through a series of small and loving moments. It also helps them understand why a parent chooses to serve and that protecting our country is one way they are always watching over them."

~ Association of the United States Army's
Recommended Books for Military Children

“In Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You, parents explain how they watch over their children even though they may be far away, serving their country. Told in clear, rhyming verse, the story and illustrations depict a number of parents and children reaching out to each other through letters, pictures, small rituals — like sending good thoughts every time one ties a shoe — and memories. ‘Making the world a safer place is my way of watching over you,’ is the message. Sensitive and clear, this book will help the children of parents in the U.S. Armed Forces.”

~ ForeWord Reviews

Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You helps communicate that parents watch over their families while deployed or separated for training exercises.” ~ Military Officer magazine, Attention! section, January 2011 issue “Author and daughter of a World War II veteran, Carol Casey was inspired to write Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You during a conversation with a friend who created military care packages. Casey wanted to help military families and was encouraged by her friend to write a book that would explain to children about their parent's military service and time away from home. Dear Baby weaves together detailed illustrations of service men and women and also their families back home. As the pages turn, stories unfold of how mom or dad, though far away, are watching over their children.”

~ Colorado Parent magazine

“…Each illustration perfectly captures the everyday life of the child waiting at home matched with the everyday life of the parent who’s away. …will help bridge the gap and drive home the message of love from parent to child and back again.”

~ Lisa Barker,

“…The multi-cultural, multi-racial illustrations of enlisted men and women and their families, along with the tender verse narrative, all help to more fully explain why a beloved parent must be absent from a young child's life for a long time span while on duty tour. Drawing hand prints, reading and writing letters, sending pictures, tying thoughts of the child to routine daily activities like tying shoes, these are all suggestions for ways to help children feel closer to the absent parent, to remember that their parent loves and cares for them even though they are far away.…”

~ Midwest Book Review, Children’s Bookwatch

“Designed for ages 2-6, this book tells a story of enduring love across distance and time helps children understand the concept of service to country and personal sacrifice, while assuring them of all the small and loving ways that bind them together with their parent.”

~ CBA Retailers & Resources

“A delightfully illustrated story with meaningful passages....Developed for military families, this book is suitable for any child's bookshelf. I highly recommend this book for every child, classroom, and library.”

~ Barb Webb, Country Bookshelf

“...As a person who knows a number of servicemen and servicewomen, I have seen the challenges and emotional strife that these families can go through when a parent deploys. This book does a great job at helping a child understand why their mom/dad has to deploy. I can see this book being a great resource for any parent or grandparent that is working to help a child come to a better understanding of why their parent has to leave.…I, for one, will be sharing this book with a friend of mine who will be deploying within the next year so that his young children have a better understanding of this as well! “Full of beautiful artwork, this book is more than just the words on a page, but instead a book to treasure!"

~ Chris,

“This book serves as a reminder of all the ways in which people can care about, love, and watch over you even, if they aren't always right with you. The book focuses on people in the armed forces and ways in which they are in the lives of their children even if they are far away and are missing important events like birthdays, first steps, graduations....It is a moving beautiful story with vivid detailed illustrations that really connect the reader to the story. “Classroom Uses: - fun and entertainment; - showing that you can love people and be loved even from far away; - can help teach about Veteran's Day and the armed forces as real people with families and lives back home.”

~ Shannon C,

“This is a very sweet children's picture book that explains in a very loving tone why parents sometimes have to deploy, but reminds you that your parents will always be watching over you. I loved this book and do did my daughter. The pictures are so beautiful and the story is full of life and love. This is a must have for any military family. My husband was in the Army so I know how this feels. Overall, a beautiful story that can be cherished forever.”

~ Katherine Bartlett,

“I just received the book Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You from some great friends. I wanted to thank you for writing such a book! My husband has been gone a little over a year and in that time we had a son born in April. He is now 5 months old, and I have to say this book hits it dead on the nail! I always tell him that Daddy is keeping him safe and is watching over us! And now I get to read it every night until Daddy returns safe and sound! Thank you for an extraordinary book, I will be passing it on to ALL my military family friends! Thank you!”

~ A. Wilcox

“This book does an amazing job of explaining why mom/dad has to deploy. I have two children, 3 and 5, who have went through multiple deployments and really enjoy reading the book. I would recommend Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You to any family with little ones who have questions about why their parent has to leave.”

~ Melissa, as posted at


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