Can Chiggers Live In Your Bed


So, can chiggers live in your bed?

The short answer is: Yes, Chiggers CAN live in your home, and in your bed. But it’s not that simple and requires a longer answer. Fortunately, it’s not very common either.

Chiggers On The Rise, Despite Covid-19, New Study Suggests

A new study concluded this week that chigger bugs were such a problem in France that they now pose a national health hazard.

The creatures have been on the rise globally but in the past decade, bed bugs have proliferated–they are now found in every U.S. state and countries across Europe have seen huge infestations, notably Paris (which is the number one visited capital in the world).

But what does this all mean for the rest of us?

Be ready: Put an effective pest control product in your shopping cart early in the season so you’re ready when you see the first sign of bugs in your home.

If you see one chances are there are more hiding in nooks and crannies.

It’s hard to put a pin on how many, but an old saying is that for every one you do see, there are 10 more you don’t.

Striking at the first sign of bugs can help you avoid big problems down the line, as these insects can multiply very quickly.

Amazon Direct Ship Program Gives Chigg Repellent To Middle Class Families 

Amazon direct shipping is when Amazon sellers send free products to consumers directly, meaning the order is arranged directly between the seller and consumer and not placed on Amazon.

The direct ship products are then delivered straight from the Amazon warehouse (where they are stored) to your door.

Chigg Away is a solid choice for chiggers and other insect repellent.

Chigg Away’s BioSelective Technology targets and shuts down biological pathways found in Chiggers, not in people or pets.

Chigg Away Benefits:

  • Relieves itching and discomfort due to non- poisonous insect bites such as chiggers (redbugs), mosquitoes, ticks, sand fleas, no-see-ums, biting flies, fire ants, bees, wasps, and swimmers itch


  • Repels chiggers (redbugs).


  • Great for: Military, Campers, Hikers, Hunters, Backpackers, Golfers, Construction Workers, Telephone Company Employees, Surveyors, Utility Company Employees, State, Federal and County Agency Employees

Chigg Away is now available on Amazon’s Direct Ship Program.

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Is Amazon Direct Ship Legit?

Yes, some Amazon sellers do offer free direct shipping of certain products.

There are hundreds of Amazon sellers that have products to move because they aren’t selling, and nowhere to send them. 

So these businesses need to avoid excess fees and find people who are interested in receiving direct ship products. 

What’s The Catch?

That’s the best part about this program, there isn’t any.

What helps to make sense of this whole thing, is coming to the understanding that Amazon wants you to use this little freebie program for these reasons:

  • Amazon does all of the storage, shipping, and customer support for businesses


  • Products might not be selling well or fast enough to cover Amazon warehouse fees


  • Businesses will cut their losses and clear out extra inventory from these fulfillment centers before they incur long-term storage fees from Amazon

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High Stakes, Huge Opportunity

What’s at stake is nothing less than our basic rights to life, health, choice and freedom itself. When finally understood, this program is truly a great opportunity to claim power back into the hands of the people.

Many Americans know Spring is the official start to bug season, making it important to prepare your home.


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Keep free direct shipping of certain products expiration periods in mind. Not all programs are ongoing for years at a time.

Some have cut-off dates; you must have your form filled and order arranged before the deadline in order to qualify for certain products.

How Do I Find Out If I Qualify?

It’s 100% free to see if you qualify, and takes about one short minute.

Step 1: Prove your human to stop our form being automatically filled in by robots/hackers and instantly check your eligibility for free

Step 2: Once you go through our short form, you will find out if your area qualifies and how much you will save.

Many families save thousands of dollars per year simply by using this amazon freebie program and seeing a sizable decrease in living costs.


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